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How much time will my procedure take?

Woman smiling in dental chair | Dentist Broomfield COTreatment times vary significantly based on the type of procedure you are having done. Rest assured that at Peak Dental Health, we value your time and we strive to run our dental office effectively and efficiently to keep appointments on time. 

State-of-the-art technology

One way we do this is by using the latest dental technology. Much of our equipment such as the dental laser or rotary endodontic tools allow us to perform procedures like gum therapy and root canals more efficiently, not to mention they make the process much more comfortable for you, the patient. Dr. Nelson has invested in a lot of state-of-the-art equipment to help our office run more smoothly. 

Convenient Appointment Times

We understand that your schedule is hectic, so we also provide convenient appointment times in both the morning and early evening five days a week to make it easier to fit dentistry into your life.

Preventive Care in 80020

Another way we help you avoid complicated treatment procedures is by focusing on preventive care. Did you know that with consistent visits to Dr.Nelson every six months, you can actually prevent many treatment procedures such as root canals or crowns? Dr. Nelson screens for tooth decay and gum disease at every checkup, and early detection of these concerns allows you to treat them with less invasive procedures. 

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