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Are dental implants worth the investment?

Many of our Broomfield, CO patients who are experiencing tooth loss wonder about their best options for tooth replacement. Some are concerned about the cost of tooth replacement, especially when it comes to the investment required for dental implants.

Tooth Replacement Options

For tooth replacement, options such as dental bridges and dentures are more affordable initially—but in the long run, you might be better off spending your money on dental implants.

Not only are dental implants designed to last—a lifetime for most people—but they also provide the form and function that is closest to your natural tooth. Unlike dentures, which slip and slide while chewing and speaking, dental implants are integrated into your jawbone just like your tooth root is. You can bite into a juicy apple just like you always did—without worrying about your denture falling out.

In addition, your dental implant will never need to be adjusted—and it will likely never need to be replaced if you care for it properly. Over time, as the gums shrink, dentures will need to be re-fitted. They will also need to be replaced over the years.

Dental implants protect your bone health, so your gums will not shrink the way they do with dentures.

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